Kare Visits LLC is a professional respite care support service that is based in Chicago, IL. Kare Visits develops innovative tools and resources to support and advocate for the care of those that reside in healthcare facilities that are elderly or disabled. Kare Visits utilizes a survey tool that is used to perform well-being checks scheduled by caregivers. We dispatch certified visitation consultants that visit loved ones in long term health care facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation and adult day care facilities on a daily basis, providing family and friends with peace of mind when they need it the most. We understand that being a Caregiver is a very difficult task. Studies indicate that as the population ages, there are increasing pressures of balancing work, family, leading to caregivers being severely stretched thin. This increasing pressure can lead to caregivers suffering from depression and burnout. The Kare Visits team assists caregivers by filling in the gaps in caregivers’ schedules, representing the family, providing relief for caregivers, by conducting routine well- being checks.

Studies indicate that long term health care facilities are severely understaffed which can lead to abuse and neglect of loved ones. Our network includes certified visitation consultants that are passionate about improving the quality of life of the elderly and disabled by observing the environment in which they reside. Our goal is to ensure that caregivers are receiving real time information regarding their loved ones so that they are better equipped to manage their care. The information obtained from a Kare Visit is a powerful tool that can be used as a preventive method to decrease the risk of abuse, neglect, and disease that can deteriorate the condition patients.

Kare Visits is managed by CEO & Founder, Teri McElrath. The idea for Kare Visits stemmed from personal experiences caring for parents and other family members suffering from a disability or conditions like dementia, and diabetes. Our leadership team recognizes the need to better support the elderly and disabled in healthcare facilities. We are passionate about improving the lives of those that need us the most.


Increase the network of professionals that are passionate about providing support to caregivers and those that they love and support.


Revolutionize the power of a well-being check. Ensure that the elderly and disabled are receiving the best care by increasing the time spent with them.

Our Values

  • Passion: We are dedicated to improving the lives of the elderly and disabled in everything that we do.
  • Customer Focus: We will listen to the needs of caregivers, and do our best to support them.
  • Dedication: Do what we say we will do.
  • No-Mediocrity: Always strive to amaze our clients, those that they love, and ourselves
  • Respect: We will respect our customers and each other.
  • Employee Satisfaction: We value our employees and will seek to provide necessary tools, resources, recognition, and resources, creating an incredible place to work.